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In the Middle Ages the walker did not need sticks. His tools were his feet, with which he kicked the woolen material in warm water until the fibers matted and the material became denser and more weatherproof. This method was soon taken over by heavy hammers in the fulling mills. The principle of fulling is still the same today. The woolen fabrics lose 40% of their volume and gain 100% weather resistance due to the dense felting of their fibers.

Christian Weber loves traditional manufacturing methods, which give the raw materials new properties that make them durable and indestructible:

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The versatile and comfortable 'Travel Blazer' by WEBER + WEBER in an unconstructed style is made from boiled wool and is therefore particularly uncomplicated when traveling.

Rolled wool is a favorite of the designer, with which he punched his ticket on the career train in Milan. Frequent travelers aren't the only ones who appreciate Weber & Weber's blazer in tumbled wool. In the practical combination of stand-up and lapel collar, the bestseller offers variable wearing comfort.

In any weather. On every journey. Walk the line.