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Vintage Suede

The luxury of lamb leather

Lamb leather is a high quality leather. The natural leather is thin, light, soft, windproof and tear-resistant. The frugal nature of young animals ensures that no fat is deposited in their skin. The grain pattern is fine and smooth. Since small family farms in Spain continue to cultivate fields and keep animals in closed ecological cycles, WEBER+WEBER have chosen Spanish lamb leather. A certificate attests to the harmless origin.

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Light Vintage Suede Overshirt

With the suede jacket 'Light Vintage Suede Overshirt' from its Sartoria line, WEBER+WEBER presents high-quality, wearable non-conformity. The model is versatile enough for a variety of styles, such as layering looks, which are easy to wear thanks to the semi-lined design.

A versatile natural product

Lamb leather can be processed and worn like a fine fabric. If the surface of the animal skin is roughened with pumice stone, suede or velour is created. If the suede is washed again in pure water, it earns the attribute vintage.

The Overshirt: A hybrid of Shirt & Jacket

WEBER+WEBER created cool overshirts from lambskin. The loose-cut jackets are as light as a shirt, as windproof as an anorak, as soft and comfortable as a cashmere sweater. With a shirt collar, chest pocket, button placket and comfort sleeves, there are stylistic features that make the overshirt the must-have of the season. It is sewn exclusively for WEBER+WEBER in a family business near Salerno and presents itself in the colors Elephant, Midnight Blue and Mocca.