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About 6,000 years ago, people traveled for two reasons: Business and religion. It was easy to combine the two. In the 13th century, the desire for discovery made Marco Polo the first long-distance traveler on the planet. 200 years later, the Genoese Christopher Columbus was lured to the sea by adventure. After another 200 years, adventure travel was joined by research and educational travel. Goethe wanted to stay in Italy for three months, but it turned out to be two years. He came to the realization that "travel makes you rich."

In 1845, Thomas Cook opened the first travel agency in England and offered package tours as a world first. The focus was on relaxation, experiencing nature, pleasure, luxury. Literarily documented by Agatha Christie. Until 1950, travel remained a privilege of the rich.

For business and cultural travelers of the 21st century, designer Christian Weber developed Travel Luxe. Double-breasted suit, jacket, pants. Pure comfort. Cool combinations for every occasion. Big business and smart talk. The pieces are made of finest merino jersey. Lightweight, wrinkle-free, breathable. The natural wool is knitted in a 14 gauge. On 1 inch = 25,4 mm 14 needles are used. Status: Business Class. Upgrading to First Class is hot. The wool jersey is boiled. In the process, the material gains stability but retains elasticity. Three years of tinkering went into making the material perfect for Travel Luxe.

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The exclusive smart-casual jacket 'Travel Luxe WW Blazer' with its crease-resistant jersey fabric in slightly elastic virgin wool is perfect for travel. Traditional label WEBER + WEBER is taking a new direction in textile development with this jacket.

"The line was created to last."

Christian Weber

The statement leads back to Goethe: "One does not travel to arrive, but to stay."