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Summer colors from WEBER+WEBER

Friends or lovers

In nature, light creates the colors. On fabrics, the colors create the light. In the WEBER+WEBER summer collection, the men don't do it colorful. They show their colors towards style, taste, aesthetics, understatement, individuality, quality.

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Fresco WW Classic Blazer

The 'Fresco WW Classic Blazer' in an unconstructed design is made from wafer-thin virgin wool that is fabricated to be so smooth that it creates a cooling effect. The cooling fabric also features a light stretch, for that extra comfort which epitomises the unconventional smart-casual jackets by WEBER + WEBER.

Based on the model of Renoir

The color scheme is ambitious, yet natural, cultivated, timeless. The dark blue of the midnight sky looks solemn. In the morning gray, the light blue of the day gives itself a sporty look. "One day," Auguste Renoir told us, "when none of us had any black paint left, we discovered the magic of blue." Blue is a color worth combining in any tone. Confident with brown tones from mocha to sand. Italians love this color play in the summer. Blue is fresh and maritime in combination with white. A classic. In contrast, the combination of blue with mud, forest and moor colors is idiosyncratic. An expression of understatement and otherness. Black is the sum of all colors in WEBER+WEBER's color chart for summer 2023.

Perfect interaction

"All colors," Marc Chagall knew, "are the friends of their neighbors and the loves of their opposites." This is true of the color image of WEBER+WEBER's summer collection: each color can be combined with any like a friend or lover.