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Linen Tencel Travel


About 1 billion people are currently traveling the planet earth. Men who travel a lot have high demands on clothing suitable for travel. WEBER+WEBER meet them. Comfortable, innovative, organic. Confirmed by a double, hand-stitched XX in every piece. Fibers and fabrics come from Europe. Manufacturing is celebrated in Italy's smallest family workshops.

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Linen Tencel Travel WW Blazer

the smart-casual jacket features a classic silhouette and benefits from the comfortably soft yet stable properties of the modern linen and lyocell materials used.


The love of linen grew thousands of years ago during sweaty fieldwork. Why? Linen absorbs and releases moisture from the air. In addition to the cooling effect, there are more good properties: linen is anti-static, dirt-repellent, breathable.


Lyocell is the youngest daughter of Tencel from the Lenzing family of regenerative cellulose fibers. 95% of the solvents are recycled. 100% biodegradation within 30 days. Like linen, the fiber is kind to the skin, tear-resistant, breathable, easy to care for. Your parship profiles are perfect: lyocell (47%), linen (50%). 3% elastane strengthen wearing and movement comfort.


Star of the Travel line is the sleeveless vest. The gilet of the French is the vest of the English. The year of birth is 1675 and the father was called Wams. The sleeveless vest of WEBER+WEBER is not white like Otto von Bismarck, but shows the colors Midnight Blue, Dove and Elephant. Slacks and blazers in linen & lyocell complete the men's biotrip. Shirts in cotton, linen and modal jersey travel with you.