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Linen Shirting


For a long time, science assumed that linen is about 6.000 years old. This great age was confirmed by the shrouds of the Egyptian pharaohs. New findings in Georgia prove that linen is 36.000 years young. In the advanced civilizations of antiquity, linen symbolized light, purity and wealth. Resistance to bacteria and fungi made the fiber, which was obtained from the stalks of the pale blue flax flower, a super fiber. It was supplanted by cotton in the 19th century. Wrongly so. The eco-balance of linen was and is much better. Flax cultivation requires one-fifth of the fertilizers and pesticides. Water consumption is only 5%. The flax for WEBER+WEBER's linen grows ecologically controlled in Italy.

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Linen WW Blazer

Pure linen and the relaxed silhouette of its unconstructed design make the smart-casual jacket 'Linen WW Blazer' from WEBER + WEBER an airy model that is as lightweight as an overshirt. Perfect for warm days!


Jackets cut like shirts. Shirts sewn like tailored suits. Shirts have optional overshirts and blazers have top blazers. The pieces are summery light, individually variable, ergonomic in cut, carefully sewn in Italy, special in color play. Sand, Light Grey, Light Blue, White take up the ancient symbolism of light and purity, Navy Night Blue and Military Green those of wealth.