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Knit Travel Peacoat


The double-breasted suit is considered the typical manager and banker tenue. Buttoned up, self-confident, stuffy, but correct. However, correct was not this species in the movies Wall Street (1987) and the Wolf of Wall Street (2013). By the book, the corrupt gentlemen belong to the club of thieves. Weber + Weber distance themselves from this with the Knit Travel Peacoat model. This is the story of another double-breasted coat.

The Peacoat belongs to the US Navy like Airforce One belongs to the US President. The overcoat aka Caban presents itself as a navy-blue jacket in jacket length with rows of buttons closed on both sides, side flap pockets and wide rising lapels. The DNA of the American double-breasted jacket was adopted by the Royal Prussian Navy in 1859. The peacoat of the New World became the peajacket in the Old.

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WEBER+WEBER's 'Knit Travel Peacoat' unconstructed caban jacket is made from a virgin wool and microfibre knit composition that enhances casual and business looks alike.

The double-breasted suit from Weber + Weber is a suit for business travelers. Both jacket and trousers work just as perfectly as stand-alone pieces. The virgin wool is not woven but knitted. A special knitting technique guarantees elasticity, comfort, crease resistance, breathability. The navy-blue shade recalls the history of the double-breasted suit. Instead of its classic 6 buttons, the double-breasted suit by Christian Weber presents itself with 8 buttons. Two buttons dance out of the correct formation and emphasize the broad chest of the wearers.