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Fresco Comfort

The portable air conditioner

Fresco is a superstar of summer fabrics. It cools and doesn't wrinkle. Why? The yarns are twisted in weft and warp according to the shape of the letters S and Z. The result is a grainy fabric through which air circulates and cools the skin. Fresco is a portable air conditioner. No less appreciated is its bounce elasticity. Fresco hardly wrinkles. Any wrinkles quickly hang out again.

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Fresco WW Classic Blazer

The 'Fresco WW Classic Blazer' in an unconstructed design is made from wafer-thin virgin wool that is fabricated to be so smooth that it creates a cooling effect. The cooling fabric also features a light stretch, for that extra comfort which epitomises the unconventional smart-casual jackets by WEBER + WEBER.

The perfect fabric for summer blazers

WEBER+WEBER use Fresco for a summer blazer. The lightweight fabric is 98% virgin wool and 2% elastane. The virgin wool vouches for organic quality, elastane for movement comfort. In addition, the Fresco gets an extra soft cashmere finish.

A contemporary dyeing technique

In this particular case, it is not the fabric that is dyed, but the finished blazer. The technical term is garment dyed. What are the benefits of dyeing after sewing? It saves resources and protects the environment. Fresco Comfort from WEBER+WEBER has a summery, light interior. The cut is casual. The collar solution allows individual variations as stand-up collar, shirt collar and lapel collar. The colors are based on nature. The blue of the summer nights, the gray of the pachyderms, the sand color of the deserts.