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Cardigan: Business as casual


The Cardigan was born in the Crimea. In the middle of the war. 1853. The British soldiers were freezing. General James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, had knitted vests knitted and gave them his name. In 1990, the Cardigan made history again. Helmut Kohl came to the meeting with Michael Gorbachev in the Caucasian village of Archys wearing a Cardigan. Gorbachev in a cardigan, the "cardigan diplomacy" ensured a peaceful reunification of Germany. Kohl's Cardigan received museum dignity in Berlin.

In 2020, Taylor Swift stormed the charts with her song "Cardigan." Her message: The old Cardigan remains an eternal favorite. In the fall of 2023, the cardigan is a must-have, WEBER+WEBER have the cardigan made from Italian merino wool in Oradea in Transylvania. In a small manufactory. Shawl collar and two patch pockets give the cardigan the formality of a jacket. Comfort is provided by soft, warming, pure wool from guaranteed origin: Protected Designation of Origin. The style is variable. Casual with a T-shirt, elegant with a shirt and tie, à la bohemian with a turtleneck.

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Casual cardigan in brioche knit made from the finest merino wool. With one button and patch pockets, this piece by WEBER+WEBER is the perfect choice for casual office looks on cold days.

Why does the cardigan from WEBER+WEBER only have one button? The answer: the cardigan is counterbalanced. It is a cardigan for men and women. Up-to-date, modern and versatile to combine in the trend color Tobacco.