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WEBER+WEBER men’s shirts

WEBER+WEBER is a brand known for timeless men's fashion that outlasts passing trends. It has been making high-quality shirts for many years. The Austrian label offers a wide range of models in different styles, sizes and colours, including the classic white shirt with grandad collar. With the 'Vintage Popeline Collar Shirt' from the 'Cool Tailoring' collection or the 'Vintage Oxford Collar Shirt', both in pure cotton, the couple behind Weber deliver sophisticated designs. The men's casual shirt in cotton-poplin has been piece-dyed for a special vintage look. The shirt has an extra-long fit that stops it from coming untucked. The button placket features freshwater mother-of-pearl buttons, while the breast pocket is decorated with the brand's signature cross stitches. The slightly rounded hem means the shirt can also be worn untucked for a casual look. The relaxed fit is comfortable and not restrictive. WEBER+WEBER also demonstrates its skilled craftsmanship with the decorative Petina seam on the shoulders and feather stitching on the sleeve. Washed fabric means the shirts keep their appearance for longer, making them an investment piece for your luxury wardrobe. As with all WEBER+WEBER creations, you can choose from a muted palette with blue, sky blue, green, white or black for a timeless look.

Exclusive linen shirts for men

The 'Linen Collar Shirt' by WEBER+WEBER Sartoria is a summer wardrobe essential for men. Many of the steps in its manufacture are done by hand. The Slim Fit model feels delightfully cool against the skin for comfort in high temperatures. This shirt is a true classic, especially in the white and blue versions. The patch pocket has a blind hem so the seams are invisible. This model is suitable for informal and formal occasions and can be worn with a suit or T-shirt, but really comes into its own teamed with a smart-casual jacket from the label.

Which Shirts are the best quality?

Made in a small tailor's shop in northern Italy, men's shirts from WEBER+WEBER are unbeatable when it comes to quality and price. Unusually for today, many of the production steps are still done by hand. Christian and Manuel Weber don't set much store by rampant automation and efficiency and instead believe in the value of exceptional quality. For example, the 'Linen Collar Shirt' is made exclusively with hand-finished French seams inside. Individual details like the XX cross stitches are another feature of the brand's understated style that lets its quality workmanship speak for itself. The label's customers expect perfection, right down to the smallest detail.

If you're looking for an elegant, comfortable and perfectly fitting shirt with a flawless finish, then the WEBER+WEBER online shop is definitely worth a visit. It offers a wide range of different styles, colours and sizes. Order from the comfort of your own home and enjoy fast delivery.