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About Us

About Us

WEBER+WEBER has specialized in slow fashion of lasting value since it was founded in 2015. Designed in Vienna, handcrafted in Italy. The menswear and womenswear of the design duo is based on these two pillars. It is unadapted - unsuited - in the best sense of the word: well thought-out, timeless design, groundbreaking in-house developments in the materials and an unquenchable thirst to make the good even better.

Christian Weber is the creative mind behind the brand. WEBER+WEBER has been based in Vienna since 2020.

WEBER+WEBER is manufactured entirely in Italy, where WEBER+WEBER works with the best manufacturers and has been running its own Sartoria since 2021. Knowledgeable tailors produce the high-quality collection from WEBER+WEBER there.

Short distances, durable products, exclusively European production - WEBER+WEBER already has the commitment to slow fashion in its genes. The brand bases all its decisions and values ​​on a manifesto in which the principles of sustainability, cooperation and respect are written.

WEBER+WEBER is available from more than 160 specialist retail partners in Central Europe and operates WEBER+WEBER Sartoria locations together with selected partners, for example at Lodenfrey in Munich.

Man·i·fes·to | ˌman​əˈfest​o |

№ 1 — What we believe in

The beauty of rediscovered traditions and the eternal appeal of elegance and comfort.

№ 2 — What we strive for

We want our clothing to be a reflection of how well we work together with our master tailors. It is the key to the connection with our customers.

№ 3 — What we respect

People, nature, premium workmanship and durable materials.

№ 4 — What we want to change

We strive to redefine the relationship of fashion and clothing by exclusivly creating long-lasting pieces

№ 5 — What we orient ourselves on

We go by our customers' wishes, not by collection cycles. This means: We offer our customers articles that correspond to the time of the year — not the spring collection at Christmas. To us, timelessness also means: clothing you can wear all year round.

№ 6 — What we appriciate

Skillfull workmanship, duryble materials and artistic class. To us, These are the characteristics of exceptional quality.

№ 7 — What we care about

A fair and quality-based production process that is accountable in every detail and therefore PDO certified. (Protected Designation of Origin)

Our Story


At the beginning of our journey there was a farewell: from the crazy, ever faster rotating world of fashion. Convinced that fast fashion needs an antithesis, Christian and Manuel Weber enter a Woolmark Company competition under the patronage of HRH Prince Charles in Milan. They rethink the traditional alpine method of walking, cool and different. The jury, chaired by Franca Sozzani, awarded first place to the collection presented during Milan Fashion Week. The stand-up collar blazer also celebrates its premiere there – now the heart of the collection.


The idea becomes a collection. Christian Weber's many years of experience in the fashion industry, including working alongside power women such as Donatella Versace and Victoria Beckham, opens doors that remain closed to others. Italy's outstanding weaving, dyeing, knitting and ready-to-wear factories have been working for the slow fashion brand since the first collection.

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Cool tailoring, as Christian and Manuel Weber call it, is new, exciting and different and is quickly igniting the attention of lighthouse retailers in the German-speaking area. Whether Sagmeister in Bregenz and Dornbirn, Braun in Hamburg or Lodenfrey in Munich, the collection quickly finds its place in retail and reoccupies the field of progressive menswear.

The brand shows its love of art: together with the IMPERFECT DANCERS, Christian Weber designs costumes for their European tour. A particular challenge, since the dancers' costumes are made of boiled wool, which is typical of the brand. In dealing with the needs of artists, WEBER+WEBER continues to perfect its fabrics, making them even more flexible and lighter. With the Imperfect Dancers, WEBER+WEBER has made guest appearances at the Salzburg Festival and the Bregenz Spring Dance Festival, as well as in numerous permanent venues such as the Theater in Pisa.

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A project becomes a company. Christian and Manuel Weber found WEBER+WEBER GmbH together with experts from the industry. The co-partners of the brand, the fashion businessman Matthias Wittmann, the trade fair and interior design professional Hubert Pototschnig and the brand strategist Kurt Stefan accompany the two founders on this ambitious path.

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Innovation is the driving force at WEBER+WEBER. The typical BoiledWool called “Travel” is refined from season to season. Increasingly lighter qualities and ever better wearing properties make icons such as the WEBER+WEBER Travel Blazer icons that are still in the collection today. With the minimalist, Japanese-inspired stand-up collar blazer, WEBER+WEBER has created a recognizable size. Without any striking branding, because each piece from WEBER+WEBER is exclusively signed with two subtle cross-stitches.

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The ties to the Italian crafts are tied even closer. WEBER+WEBER continuously develops its subtle design signature with experienced talents, often the last in their field. The search for solutions that go beyond the usual is Christian Weber's great passion.

WEBER+WEBER is opening its Sartoria at LODENFREY AM DOM, a dedicated area in the men's exclusive department of the exclusive Munich store.

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In Zurich, WEBER+WEBER opens its temporary Sartoria in its own shop at Jelmoli.

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As part of a cooperation, WEBER+WEBER is relaunching its global online shop in April – powered by BRAUN Hamburg. The support of the luxury fashion retailer in the area of ​​technology and online trade enables the slow fashion label to concentrate even more on what really defines the brand: its creativity.

Cooltailoring GmbH buys the WEBER+WEBER brand and takes over the organisation, design, development, production and distribution of the brand. Christian Weber continues to be responsible for the creation.

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