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WEBER+WEBER Sartoria for men

Slow fashion for men: we set ourselves the ambitious goal of reimagining fashion from the bottom up. WEBER+WEBER means cool menswear that bridges the gap between classic men's clothing and modern urban style. Fine yarn from the Austrian capital, Vienna, meets Italian tailoring. The result is international style for individuals of any age that breaks down the barriers between tailoring and unconventionality; tradition and innovation.

Christian and Manuel Weber founded their label WEBER+WEBER Sartoria in 2015 as a statement against fast fashion. It was more of a mission than a business. Sartoria means tailoring and is added to every piece made in Italy in small family tailor's studios. Designer Christian Weber is the creative genius behind the brand. He trained at the Los Angeles Fashion Art School and has gained experience at various luxury fashion labels. Our collections are aimed at our customers, not the other way around. WEBER+WEBER is about quality, not trends. We make timeless fashions for men that last a lifetime and can be worn all year round; enhanced by universal unisex pieces. Our production is gentle on raw materials, people and the planet. In the interests of sustainability, WEBER+WEBER works closely with family manufactures and produces its garments exclusively in Europe.

The look: sophisticated, masculine and casual. It's achieved by combining a classic waistcoat with a T-shirt, giving a smart-casual jacket an adjustable lapel and trousers a relaxed drawstring. WEBER+WEBER has spent years researching materials. For example, it uses soft wool to make its unique “boiled wool”, a robust and comfortable fabric that has become one of our brand's classics in models like 'Travel Luxe Blazer'. The label uses traditional dyeing techniques and innovative treatments to get the best out of the fibres used. Sartorial craftsmanship and contemporary technology make every detail perfect. We refrain from adding bold labels to our garments. The only reference to our brand is our signature, the two hand-stitched crosses. You'll also find our logo inside. The design of the W symbolises the cheerfulness and industriousness of small birds. Here at the WEBER+WEBER shop, we offer you a shopping experience where you can discover our men's designs in the comfort of your own home and order them online.